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Handprint Evaporation
When water is in the sun, it begins to disappear. When this happens, it is called evaporation. Evaporation happens when the sun takes the water and turns it into vapor. Try this experiment and you can see evaporation for yourself.

You will need:
Bowl of water
Find a sunny spot on the sidewalk
And find a shady spot on the sidewalk next to the sunny spot.
A bowl of water
A sunny sidewalk
A shady sidewalk
Begin the experiment:
  1. Dip your hand in the pan of water and make a handprint on a sunny sidewalk.
  2. Count how long it takes to disappear.
  3. Now go to a shady area of the sidewalk and make a water handprint there.
  4. Count how long it takes to disappear.
Making Discoveries:
  • Does one handprint last longer than the other? Try it again to make sure.
  • Write the number that tells how long each handprint lasted.
  • Draw a picture of what you did.