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Keeping Water Clean
Keeping water clean is a big job. Have an adult help you with this experiment to find out how you can clean dirty water.

You will need:
Dirt and grass
Homemade filter
Clean water
Dirt & grass
Begin the experiment:
  1. Add dirt to water to make it look muddy.
  2. Hold your homeade filter (like an old, clean sock or a coffee filter) over a glass or bowl.
  3. Pour some water through your homemade filter. What happened?
  4. Pour some of the water through a paper towel. What happened?
  5. Draw or write about what the water looked like before and after pouring it through the filter.
Making discoveries:
  • The sock and the paper towel are filters. Which one was a better filter? How do you know?
  • Now you see how our drinking water is first filtered. Cleaning dirty water with these filters does not make it safe to drink. There may still be germs too small to see. DO NOT taste the water you used in this experiment.
You just learned how to clean water! Maybe you should work for a water agency when you grow up!