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Water Conservation Song
Do you like to sing? Play our Water Conservation song and sing along. The words are below.
Play the song
Water Conservation Song
They say you don't miss the water 'til the well runs dry,
Rainbow And that day may not be that far away
When we come to realize
That what we took for granted has gone away.
Because water keeps us all alive.
We need water to survive.
Every living thing depends
On the water;
It's our good friend.
And without it our food won't grow,
Fish would have no place to go.
Without water there'd be no rainbows,
So let's take care of every drop that flows. Shower

Do you turn the water off while you brush your teeth?
And when you water your lawn does the water run into the street?
Do you fill your bathtub right up to the top?
And do you flush things down the toilet that will make it stop?
Don't stay in the shower for too long,
Like when the hot water is all gone.
Always check your sprinklerheads,
Don't hose the sidewalks, use a broom instead.

Water's being used up fast;
Without water we won't last.
Every living thing depends
Rain On the water;
It's our good friend.

And without it no ships would sail.
There'd be no rain, no snow or hail
Without water whales would need no tails.
So let's take care of water,
Let's not fail.

'Cause what will we do
When the water's gone?

—Written and sung by James Quill Smith