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Hoover Dam
Hoover DamHoover Dam is located 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas in Black Canyon. The dam's purpose is to help control the rushing Colorado River and create a large water reservoir.

Construction began on the dam in 1931 at a cost of $48.8 million. It was originally named Boulder Dam, but the name was changed to honor President Herbert Hoover. Standing more than 726 feet high, and weighing more than 6.6 million tons, Hoover Dam is an engineering marvel.

History of the dam
During the 1930s, the United States was suffering from the Great Depression. Across the nation, many people were out of work and were forced to seek employment in other parts of the country. The construction of Hoover Dam created jobs and brought people to Southern Nevada.

Hoover DamHoover Dam was completed March 23, 1935. The dam caused Colorado River water to pool behind it, creating Lake Mead. The lake serves as a giant water reservoir, and we get 88 percent of our water supply from the lake.

Serving the Southwest:

  • The dam is important for flood control. The dam helps hold back water during wet years to prevent flooding.
  • Farmers receive a dependable water supply to irrigate crops.
  • The Colorado River carried tons of sediment which damaged canals and irrigation ditches, costing millions of dollars to repair. Hoover Dam traps the sediment allowing the water to flow smoothly.
  • The dam produces pollution-free, low cost hydroelectric power for the southwest. The dependable water supply and the low-cost electricity helped areas of Southern Nevada to grow and flourish.